Sep 21, 2016

Google Allo Review - Is it better than whatsapp

After many failed attempts in social media platforms, Google is up with highly efficient messaging app - Google Allo. Recently they launched Google Duo - a video chatting app which is also performing well.

Google Allo for sure a tough competitor to present messaging giant whatsapp. Both apps have great features,but Allo got something more.

Lets see what Google Allo got ;

1.Google Assistant :-

Starting with Google assistant,which is an inbuilt bot works similar to Siri,Cortana,Natasha etc.With pre loaded algorithm and with help of artificial intelligence,it will personalize for each individual.This virtual assistant helps you in finding games,local shops,alarm setting,video search and more.Here are some screenshots of using google assistant.

2.User registration and Profile :-
New registration is similar to most messaging apps.Your mobile number is the unique account id,You can add a profile picture and may link your google account.

 3. Incognito mode chat :-

Google allo offers incognito mode chatting which overcomes privacy problems due to skipping end to end encryption.You can adjust expiration time for those chats.

4.Messaging to non Allo users (free messaging):-

Google made a great step by offering free messaging scheme to non registered members.You can send free sms by taping the contact and the receiver can reply to allo user free of cost.

5.Other features - Group chats,Audio,Attachments :-

Group chats - You can add multiple contacts and chat simultaneously

Locations - Google allo allows to share your location to friends,similar to whatsapp

Audio messaging - Tap the microphone icon and release when finished.

Attachements - You can share images,stickers etc.

Reason for "waiting for this message" in whatsapp


You may be observed,in some whatsapp chats (both individual and group) shows "waiting for this message,it may take a while".This occurs due to new encryption algorithm used by whatsapp.

In new end to end encryption,both contacts should come online to tranfser messages.The main reason for this is,one of the person reinstalled whatsapp.

How to avoid this situation,

1.Wait for your friend to come online.

2.Turn on whatsapp background services.

3.Check each others whatsapp profiles.

4.Restore backup chats while reinstalling whatsapp.