How to know marks obtained in sslc/thslc grade system

The results of SSLC and THSLC are pulished in grades.So it is difficult for students to fill marks for higher studies or job applications. Many of us are unaware of the fact that,marks obtained in 10th in SSLC and THSLC can be colleted from pareeksha bhavan trivandram. Note that Marks will be provided only after 2 years of sslc/thslc For this you need to complete following steps, 1.A request should be written to secretary of pareeksha bhavan 2.DD of 226 rupees(200 for dd and 26 processing charges) in favour of secretay pareeksha bhavan from sbt payabale at poojapura. 3.A self atteated copy of sslc/thslc certificate. 4.Give these three documents to the help desk and you will get marks on the same day. This was from my experience on 09-09-2016. So,contact pareeksha bhavan to finalise. Good luck

How to know vehicle details using vehicle number in India - By SMS

Hey, This post will share some interesting info,which may help you in difficult times.You can get most details about a vehicle by a sms. Follow these steps:- 1. Write down vehicle number 2. Take a phone and send an SMS to   7738299899      Format - VAHAN<space>Car Number 3.You will get a reply  with following  details;      a.Car owner name      b.Vehicle model      c.Fines      d.RC details Here is a proof; Sent an SMS with actor Mammootty's car number, And this reply was like;

Pokemon Go Apk India Download

Hi friends, Even tough Pokemon Go is not officially announced in India,you can install and play in your android device using the link provided below. Click here for download

Second and Minute Counter using PIC16F877A - PIC Programming - Proteus Simulation - MPLB C Code

Problem  -  Second and Minute Counter using PIC PIC16F877A micro-controller. Software Support  - MPLAB IDE for C programming,Proteus for simulation purpose. Components  - PIC 16F877A- Micro controller,LED arrays,External clock. Theory :- We have two sets of LED arrays, one for displaying seconds and other for minutes.Both arrays has six LEDS each,since up to sixty must be counted.An external clock is used here,it will configure each counter increment by one second.                    Sixth pin serves external clock pulses,it will make a delay of one second on each count.LED arrays for second counting is given in port B,arrays for minute counting in port D.Each LED is given a series resistance to control voltage.                             Into the code, First,timer zero made reset then it is turned on by control register.The counting value is given to port B.When it approaches sixty port D is incremented and counter resets. Circuit Setup :- P

Stepper Motor Interfacing with PIC16F877A - PIC Programming - Proteus Simulation - MPLAB C Coding

Problem  - Stepper Motor Interfacing with PIC PIC16F877A micro-controller. Software Support  - MPLAB IDE for C programming,Proteus for simulation purpose. Components  - PIC 16F877A- Micro controller,Stepper motor,ULN2003 driver IC.. Theory :-    Some theory regarding stepper motor.It is an electric motor which can be controlled by pulse trains.As in the figure,a permanent magnet rotates based on field generated by four stators.One of the major feature of stepper motor is the degree of rotation can be defined by step angle.     Full sequence method is used here giving step angle of ninety degrees.An driver IC is always needed because the micro controller alone can't provide necessary power.While interfacing with micro controller a sequence of shifted binary numbers are fed into the motor.            In this case,we have ninety degree step angle hence four shifted values has to be generated.So in sequence nine,twelve,six,three are given for right rotatio


Model - Honor 4c Firmware - B530 OS - Android 6.0 Marshmallow UI - EMUI 4.0 Steps:- 1.Download the package. 2.Extract it. 3.Select the folder named 'dload' and paste in your SD card. 4.In update select local update and perform update. 5.You are done. Download link -  click here   Alternate link - click here For more articles related to technology -  click here

7 Segment Interfacing with PIC16F877A - PIC Programming - Proteus Simulation - MPLAB Coding

Problem  - 7 Segment Display interfacing with PIC PIC16F877A micro-controller. Software Support  - MPLAB IDE for C programming,Proteus for simulation purpose. Components  - PIC 16F877A- Micro controller,3 7segment displays as output. Theory :-           Basically a 7 segment display is a combination of 7 display elements or segments.They are arranged in a format such that, if a number has to be displayed corresponding segments are turned on.The input to the display is in binary.The segments corresponding to ones are lightened.                  The logic of the program is very simple.We are assuming a 8 bit number  it can vary from 0-255, so we divide it into 3 digits and feed to 3 displays.Separation of digits is done by modulo division and normal division.                                 We are using  PIC micro controller for processing.Two ports port D and B are used as output ports.Three seven segment displays are connected to this ports. While executing o