How to know marks obtained in sslc/thslc grade system

The results of SSLC and THSLC are pulished in grades.So it is difficult for students to fill marks for higher studies or job applications.
Many of us are unaware of the fact that,marks obtained in 10th in SSLC and THSLC can be colleted from pareeksha bhavan trivandram.

Note that
Marks will be provided only after 2 years of sslc/thslc

For this you need to complete following steps,
1.A request should be written to secretary of pareeksha bhavan
2.DD of 226 rupees(200 for dd and 26 processing charges) in favour of secretay pareeksha bhavan from sbt payabale at poojapura.
3.A self atteated copy of sslc/thslc certificate.
4.Give these three documents to the help desk and you will get marks on the same day.

This was from my experience on 09-09-2016.
So,contact pareeksha bhavan to finalise.

Good luck

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