Is Probux Scam Or Not ???

It is very sad to hear when somebody says probux is scam , it is a waste of time.... :(
I have an experience in PTC sites for past 3 years and tried almost all PTC sites . As all know in this industry is the best . But the problem is that the website contains 95 million users so far and therefore a new member cannot make money so easily . In my conclusion the second position goes to . It is the fast growing PTC site with 35 million users now . New members can earn a much prettier here , also finding referrals  is not going to be a big issue .

             The main reasons which makes it a good website are , 

  1. It is an independent company.
  2. Admin of probux is very active and trustable agency.
  3. It has an active forum ,every problems can be discussed there ,there is a group of moderators monitoring it .
  4. No one had a complaint during payouts. 

Hereby I recommend you all to try at my own risk .

STEP 1:-
  • For start earning click here                                       

STEP 2:-

Different ways to earn money : -

1. By Clicking Ads 

  • The effortless way to earn money is by viewing ads . Here advertisers put their ads and we gain money by clicking these ads .
  • Click on an ad only once . Multiple ads simultaneously is not allowed .
  • Always click the ads that pays most .
  • PTC sites acts as a mediator between you and advertiser .
2. By Completing tasks
  • This is the which pays high .
  • Tasks will be available sometimes .
  • While doing tasks , be careful to keep your accuracy .
  • Do a task on a time .
  • Complete maximum tasks to earn maximum money .
3. By playing progrid
  • This area is to be rich by luck .
  • But often the chance to get winning is rare . 
4. By inviting friends
  • This is a bit difficult but helps to earn more .
  • You will get commissions for their activities .
  • Use gmail and facebook to popularise your referral link
STEP 3 :-
  • You will receive your payments by paypal or payza . 
  • A paypal or payza account is must for money transfer online .
  •  By this you can use money for online shopping or withdrawal of money to your bank account 

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