How to change default memory location to sd card in android without rooting

One of the main difficulty faced by most android users is the lack of internal memory. The only solution is to change the default location to memory(sd) card . Here i will show the steps to change default memory location;

STEP 1 - Download android SDK:-
For making any changes in device you need to have latest SDK version installed on your computer.For download link click here.
After downloading extract the file to a comfortable location.

STEP 2 - Connecting the android device:-
First download and install USB driver for android by clicking here or install it from android sdk manager.
Connect the device, "don't enable data storage mode" ; enable USB debugging mode by Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging.

STEP 3 - Changing default location :-
Strat -> run -> type 'cmd' 
Find & copy the address of  folder platform tools -\\sdk\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools.
Use the command cd "address" to change into required location.
Now have some commands;

1.Type 'adb devices'
  This will display whether the device is configured or not.
2.Type 'adb shell'
  If it doesn't works type ./adb shell
3.Type 'pm set-install-location 2' or 'pm setinstalllocation 2'
4.Type 'exit'

STEP 4 - Changing installed programs:-
Disconnect the device.
Goto  Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->downloaded and sort all by size.
Click on the app and select 'move to sd card'.
Disable USB debugging..


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