Safety Tips - Online shopping in India

Online shopping in india is showing a remarkable growth,so as the rate of getting cheated.Here are some tips which can help you from scammers.:-

  • Always buy products from top websites like,,,,, etc...
  • Compare the prices and offers from these websites.
  • Always check the seller's ratings,reviews before placing orders.
  • Don't buy from seller's with many negative feedbacks and poor supports,even if they provide lower price.
  • Always note return policies,delivery time,shipping methods and warranty details.
  • Before selecting the products,read reviews from previous owners and customer support details.
  • Always try to contact seller before placing the order.
  • Never disclosure credit/debit card details with shopping sites,Give your password or pin only on bank's payment page.
  • Always try to place order from your personal computers,avoid internet cafes.

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