My Ride - Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS - User Review

After my 7 months use;

Mileage - 45-50 km/l
No parts replacement
Some chain issues,resolves after lubricating
Performance remains the same
Get smoother after each service
Since i don't have a girl friend,this one comes in the top of my priority list.My ride is pulsar 200 ns (black in color).I got this one in 7-6-2014 for 97k.In the begining there are few things  made difficult between me and my ride.They are,

1.I don't know to ride a motorcycle
2.I'm only 5 feet 7 inch.This bike's seat height is comparatively high.
3.This one is the heaviest in the segment.


The first thing matters is whether you like fairy models or naked models.In naked series the competitors to pulsar 200 ns are yamaha fz,duke 200,suzuki gixxer.I like 200 ns in look and which may vary according to individual opinion.


The comfort level of this bike is too good.The rider's sitting position is healthy and seldom makes back pain.For long rides the bike is very nice,you won't get easily tired.The seat pavilion is a little hard.


This part have to be given full rating.The power of the bike is just awesome,you will get into 6th gear at a speed of 48km/hr.You don't have to lower gears much in steep road,engine delivers high torque.The handle radius is comparatively low,so it will be difficult to make smaller curves.


Usually i drive in highway and good roads.I got about 45-50km/hr during my 9000 km ride.Always try to ride in top gear.


At the present stage the price is very low compared to its  performance.Mainly price is the reason why i don't go for duke 200.I got it for 97000.


On the first day somehow i managed to ride bike to home.After few weeks it became my best buddy.It doesn't disappoint me in any case.The power of the bike is awesome.About the bike,it performs well in highway,my avg speed at highway is 80-90.but you will feel a little trouble in traffic,you can't simply drive as a yamaha fz.It will be okay after a while.Always drive smoothly in the first few months because of doubtfull build quality.I got about 45-50km/l mileage which is the rarest.I had gone for many long trips with my 200 ns and am very happy with the bike.

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