LENOVO 80E300GYIN G50-45 User Review - AMD A8 - 4GB RAM - 2GB Graphics

Company - LENOVO
Type - G50-45
Model - 80E300GYIN
Processor - AMD APU Quad Core - A8 6410 (2.0Ghz-2.4Ghz)
RAM - 4GB DDR3 (Exp upto 16GB)
Dedicated Graphics - 2GB R5
Lowest price - Rs.22924

        After a lot of research mainly considering performance-money ratio filtered to this laptop.Bought this one from amazon.in @Rs.22924 on Feb 16th 2015.The packing was perfect from amazon.It has been about 2 months i'm using this one and it didn't made me disappointed any time.The AMD A8 processor is just awesome and felt better than  intel i3.You can play almost every game available present flawlessly,2gb R5 graphics card and 512mb R4 integrated graphics done a great job here.The body,display,trackpad,mouse are of average quality,not bad.The laptop is quiet and doesn't heat up even after continuous usage.The laptop comes without any OS and you have to install one,a driver cd for win 8.1 is attached.I'm using windows 8.1 ,didn't found any kind of lag.Got a lenovo lap bag as freebie of good quality.Specified review;

PROCESSOR - The best one you will get in this price.No hanging problem and very good for multitasking,gaming,animaton etc.Clock speed of 2GHz and a turbo speed of 2.4GHz.Felt better than i3.

RAM - 4GB DDR3 is enough for moderate use,can be expanded to 16GB,got a RAM slot free. 3.5GB is available for use and 0.5GB is used as integrated graphics (Radeon R4).The company says RAM frequency is 1600MHz but it is showing as 800 MHz.Experts says its actually 1600MHz,DDR means double data rate - 800x2 =1600MHz.If you are a heavy user update the RAM.

DEDICATED GRAPHICS - This lap comes with a 2GB dedicated Radeon R5 graphics card,which works with 0.5GB integrated R4 resulting 2.5GB graphics.You can't expect more in this price.This feature makes it a perfect gaming laptop.

DISPLAY - Display is just of average quality.The viewing angle is limited.The 15.6 size is good for films and games

DESIGN & BUILD - The lap is not stylish and doesn't look much premium but adjustable.The body is made of plastic materials.The gain here is slim body and light weight.

SOUND - Sound quality is just awesome.It features dolby digital plus and good experience whie watching movies and playing games.

KEYBOARD - Not much good.Makes sound while pressing,not a perfect construction.

TRACK PAD - Again not the best.The right left buttons are also not very good.But not big issue.

BATTERY - It says a battery backup of 5 hours,My lap is giving a backup of 3 hours in moderate use(at balanced mode).

             The lap is for those guys who needs maximum output for money spent.It doesn't look premium but the performance is just great.Go for it, if you need a daily use + gaming lap and don't much bother about looks & display.

My Rating - 4/5

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