How to cash a cheque in India

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              In this post we are learning to cash a bank cheque.In our life there are many occasions to deal with banks.If we don't know the procedure we will lose much time there.Bank cheques are more frequently used to transfer money for goods or services.A person who give money,will sign a bank cheque to the receiver.

  • Step 1:-

Have a look at sample bank cheque.

It will have,

1.Issued branch name.

2.Payee name.

3.Amount for which cheque is issued.

4.Date from which cheque can be drawn.

  • Step 2:-

There are certain things to be kept in mind.

1.Only the person on whose name the cheque is made can draw the cheque.

2.He/she has to present a valid id proofs such as,Election id,Driving license,Birth certificate etc.

3.Some banks process check only before 1:30pm.Keep it in mind.

  • Step 3:-
You can convert a cheque into money in two ways,

1.This is simple one.Go to the bank branch which issued the check.Show them an id proof and comeback with money.

2.This is complex but more practical.Go to a bank where you have an account,give the and id proof,money will be transfered in a few days.

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