The Sixth Sense 1999 - Movie Review

Rating - 4.3/5      

  I would say 'The Sixth Sense' a perfect movie.It contains the elements of horror,love,fiction,drama in a nicely tuned pattern.You won't regret for a single moment watching this movie.Personally I would recommend this on 'must watch' category.

Director : Manoj Night Shyamalan
Cast : Bruce Wills as Dr.Malcolm Crowe
           Haley Osment as Cole Sear
           Toni Collette as Lynn Sear
           Olivia Williams as Anna Crowe

         Coming to the movie,It starts with Cole Sear(Haley Joel Osment) a 9 year old kid,who is able to communicate with Ghosts.But,due to this gift he is considered as a retarded boy.On course,a child psychiatrist Dr. Malcolm Crowe(Bruce Wills) comes over to help Cole.At first Malcolm decide to stop treating Cole,because he need to engage  more time with his wife.All the time she used to avoid him.Later examining an old tape with Vincent,an old patient he assumes that both Cole and Vincent has the ability to talk with Ghosts.Malcolm helps Cole to overcome his fear about ghosts and tries to know their motives.Cole starts showing a positive attitude Malcolm is very happy with his patient recovery.
            The movies got a thrilling climax,When Malcolm come back to home,he saw his wife sleeping on sofa while their wedding video is playing.Suddenly his wedding ring drops from his wife's hand.Seeing the absence of wedding ring he came to know he was already dead.
           The movie also feature Cole's mother Lynn Sear(Toni Collette) who deeply love his son.It also explores the love between Malcolm and his wife.

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